adobe creative cloud

       adobe creative cloud includes + 20 apps :

  1. Photoshop: Transform photos, create collages, and make detailed edits.
  2. Illustrator: Design beautiful graphics, icons, and more.
  3. Premiere Pro: Edit videos, from social clips to feature films.
  4. After Effects: Add titles, transitions, and visual effects to your movies.
  5. InDesign: Create catalogs, eBooks, white papers, and interactive PDFs.
  6. Acrobat Pro: Edit, organize, and transform PDFs.
  7. Lightroom: Edit photos with exposure adjustments and color enhancements.
  8. Lightroom Classic: Desktop-based photo editing tools.
  9. Adobe Fresco: Digital painting and drawing app.
  10. Dreamweaver: Design and develop websites.
  11. Animate: Create animations for cartoons, banners, and games.
  12. Character Animator: Bring characters to life in real time.
  13. Audition: Mix and add sound effects to movies and podcasts.
  14. Media Encoder: Encode audio and video in various formats.
  15. Dimension: Create 3D scenes and product mockups.
  16. XD (Experience Design): Design user interfaces and prototypes.
  17. Bridge: Organize and manage files across Adobe apps.
  18. Aero: Design and create augmented reality experiences.
  19. Photoshop Express: Quick photo editing and retouching.
  20. Adobe Firefly: Use generative AI for extraordinary results.


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