Frequently Asked Questions

you need to contact us on whatsapp by the button on the site. we reply in 5 mins.  we will guide you step by step to activate your product in less than 30 mins. you pay after your account activated

you contact us. we deliver your product info and we completly guide you to activate it step by step. after all good you pay by e-transfer, paypal or credit card with the link that we will provide you with.

By Whatsapp or email with support to activate it successfully.

We provide you with a payment link by E-transfer, Paypal or credit card after you are satisfied with the service 100%

Avoid changing any information on the account. This includes profile data, billing info, passwords, emails, language, etc.

 No worries. contact us. we will fix it instantly

depending of the account type. we will provide you with rulles after activation.

12 months warranty. we fix your account instantly or get you your money back.

As we care about the quality of the product, delivery takes up to 24h, but mostly less than 1h. 

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